Lose Your Entitlements and Attachments

Nagging kills romance, so don’t do it. Learn to accept more and live more in the moment. Don’t get stuck in that unholy place of thinking you deserve better than what you have. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll realize you are way more blessed than you deserve.

When that entitled feeling creeps into your mind, take a moment to think. Ask yourself, “Why do I feel like I deserve more?” Sometimes you’ll conclude that you are upset about how your spouse behaved in a particular situation. Other times, though, you’ll run right into unrealistic expectations. Name those entitlements so you can defeat them. The same goes for the attachment to the need to get your own way.

As we let go of our entitlements and attachments, we make ourselves more loving and lovable. Strive to become the best friend of your lover. What a powerful combination that can be! Think about whether or not you and your spouse are good friends. If you aren’t, why not? What do you need to accept and what do you need to change in yourself in order to become better friends? Work on the things that keep you from being good friends.

Don’t settle for less with your spouse. Don’t be content with simply staying married. Shoot for thrilling, romantic love. Nobody has it all the time, but strive for it always.