Agape Love

You know about Agape love. Christ modeled the unconditional, generous, and kind love that no one deserves but everyone enjoys. In order to build and strengthen your relationship with your spouse, strive for agape love. Work to build it as often as you can.

Remember that agape love doesn’t take two. You can decide to love your spouse unconditionally and intensely, regardless of his or her behavior. You can love through anything if you choose to. But remember, don’t use agape love as a strategy to change your spouse’s behavior. If you do that, it’s not agape love; it’s manipulation behind a Christian mask.  Don’t do that.

Do you really believe Christ loves and accepts you, completely and unconditionally? Do you understand that nothing you do could make Christ love you any more or any less? The more you can believe that truth, the more you can live joyfully in the moment.

Believing in Christ’s Agape love helps us let go of worries about the past or future, and as we more fully accept God’s Agape love, we learn to love our spouse, our kids, our friends, and maybe even some of our enemies. As far as I can tell, that’s why we’re on this spinning rock.