Let’s move on to the final major category of intercourse. Spooning is similar to doggy style with both partners facing the same direction, the man behind, but it’s so different. The bucking and wildness of doggy style contrasts the gentleness and romance of spooning.

From a purely physical viewpoint, spooning requires the least energy of any love making position. No one has to support their weight on their arms or even hold themselves upright. Spooning is a relaxed. You can lay side by side while gently thrusting and rubbing.

Here are a few advantages of spooning:

1.     This provides the best clitoris access for the man of any position. He can rest his hand on her body and rub for a long time without getting a sore wrist. She can guide his hand with her own to give him a bit of training. You can also easily apply lube from this position.

2.     There is also great skin to skin touching. Legs can go in several different ways to change the contact and the penetration.

3.     If either partner has concerns with how their body looks (and who doesn’t?), spooning tends to minimize those concerns. Also a great position for sex during pregnancy.

4.     Penis penetration depth tends to be more shallow in this position, which can sometimes be a plus.

5.     She can squeeze her legs together for increased penis/vaginal pressure, or he can slide down and change the angle of entry.

6.     If you decide you want to transition from a lazy lover position into a rutting dog, you can do so without missing a thrust.

Here are a few spooning positions you may want to try:

1.     Basic Spooning: Fit yourselves together like spoons in a drawer. Lay on your sides facing the same direction with him behind.

2.     “T” Spoon: Start from the basic spooning position. The man will then slide down and adjust to be more perpendicular to her. The angle and depth of penis penetration changes and the opportunities for clitoral stimulation are still good, but the skin to skin contact decreases in this variation.

3.     “Z” Spoon: Start from the basic spooning position, then have her curl her knees up to her chest while he follows suit. He may want to adjust downwards a bit to improve the penis angle.

4.     Wide Leg Spoon: She spreads her legs wide and over on the bed, opening up the vulva area for manual attention.

5.     Up Leg Spoon: She spreads her legs by lifting one up in the air. A gentleman helps support the raised leg in this position while gently thrusting.

Spooning provides a great way for lovers to connect when their energy levels are on the lower side. Don’t underestimate this position, though, as some wonderful orgasms can come from spooning.