Cowgirl Position

 Now let’s consider the sex position in which the woman is on top and the man is on the bottom. It is often called the cowgirl position. The best part (and there are many) of this position is the amount of control the woman can have. She can decide penis angle, depth, frequency, and hip movement. Here are some things for cowgirls to consider:

Clitoral stimulation can be tailored to your exact desires. Lean forward and grind and gyrate against his pubic bone. By adjusting your hips, you can rub the penis right against your G spot. This will likely feel best when you are fully aroused, as the spot becomes more sensitive to pressure as more blood flows to the area.

Understand the powerful show you give in this position. As you arch your back, roll your head, and gyrate your hips, you turn on your lover. He can appreciate every expression on your face and full frontal nudity is always wonderful. You could also put on a camisole top or sexy bra for a teasing visual.

Here’s a little secret you should know: most men love to watch a woman masturbate. The cowgirl position gives you the perfect opportunity to rub your clitoris (with fingers or a vibrating toy) while making love with him. Take charge. How would you like to have a simultaneous orgasm with your lover as you stared into each other’s eyes? While that’s plenty to shoot for, this would be the best position to accomplish that.

On the bottom, men should take the opportunity to learn. The way the woman moves and where she puts his penis in her vagina will provide great insight into what feels best for her. Since many women don’t like to talk about these things, use the cowgirl position to learn what she has difficultly telling you.

Here are some cowgirl variations you may want to try:

a.     Basic Cowgirl: The woman sits on top with her legs bent at the knees. This is the classic position where she can ride ‘em hard and put ‘em away wet.

b.     Laying Cowgirl: She lies on top, with her legs either outside or inside his. He can hold his penis from this position and provide a direct clitoral penis rub while she controls the tempo.

c.     Lap Dance: She can sit on his lap, facing him, on either a chair or bed. (Would you, could you in a chair? Would you, could you here or there? Would you, could you anywhere?)

d.     Reverse Cowgirl: This position provides a delightful change of pace. The man will lay on his back and the woman will sit on him, facing his feet. In this position, the woman controls almost everything. Give yourself extra points for successfully swiveling from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl without disengaging the penis (or snapping it off)...which reminds me of one of my favorite lines: “I used to go out with a contortionist, until she broke it off.”

e.     Corkscrew Cowgirl: This is halfway between the cowgirl and the reverse cowgirl. In this variation, she can sit on top with one leg between and one leg outside his. Her options are many.

f.      Laid Back Reverse Cowgirl: This is another variation of reverse cowgirl; she simply lies down from reverse cowgirl so her back is on his chest. Penile pop-out may be an issue in this position, but you won’t know until you try.

g.     Better Than TV: You have to try this one. Sit in a comfortable chair facing the TV (chairs that rock and swivel are ideal). I probably don’t need to say this, but TURN OFF THE TV. The man will slump down in a comfortable sitting position and she will sit on his lap, facing him, with her legs on his shoulders or over the back of the chair. In this position, he gets to watch the best nature show ever. A vibrating toy may be added here with great results for everyone.

Just like in other positions, pillows can be a great addition for a cowgirl. Think of pillows as a secret weapon for better sex.