Carnal Calisthenics

Before we jump off into premature ejaculation, let’s cover an exercise that helps both men and women better enjoy sex. The PC muscle exercises—often called Kegels and pronounced KAY-gulls—are performed by squeezing or contracting the muscles that stop the flow of urine.

As you contract the PC muscle, you can feel your rectum tighten and your genitals pull back. Try it as you read. (No one will notice.) Just squeeze like you are peeing by your car on the side of a highway and have to stop because a police car pulls up. That happens to other people, right?

As you squeeze, try not to tighten your legs or back. Focus on those pelvic floor muscles that go from your genitals to your rectum. All the muscles work together as one.

As you pretend to stop the flow of urine, you will also feel your rectum tighten like you are “pinching off a loaf” or trying to avoid flatulence. If you’re feeling adventurous, see if you can feel tightening around a finger inserted into the vagina or anus.

You know the exercise now, but why should you bother to do it on a regular basis? Women, your vagina is not particularly sensitive to touch but is sensitive to pressure—one of the only parts of the body like this. As the vagina squeezes a penis (the squeeze strengthens when the PC muscles are stronger), the pleasure of sex increases substantially for both partners.

For both men and women, the intensity of orgasms increases substantially when these muscles are in better shape (and—bonus—urinary incontinence improves). Kegels make the vagina feel tighter and the penis last longer and work better. If you want better sex, do Kegels.

Like all exercise programs, begin with moderation and build up slowly:

1.     Start with “Quick Pumps.” A few times a day, squeeze and release 10 times. Build it up to 25 or 50 times over a few days or weeks. You may eventually work up to 100.

2.     After you work up to 25 quick pumps, move on to “Slow Squeeze and Slow Release.” Take a few seconds to go from relaxed to fully contracted. Then, hold a couple seconds and slowly relax. As your muscle control improves, go from 10 to 25 of these.

3.     After you can do 25 slow contractions, move to “Thirds.” Start fully relaxed, then slowly squeeze to about 1/3 of full contraction and hold for a moment. Then, squeeze harder to 2/3 of full contraction. Then go to full contraction. Hold for a few seconds and then move back down through that cycle.

You can do them in bed, while driving, while doing some other type of workout, when working, or while you read (that means now). This is the perfect multi-tasking exercise. If you want better sex and stronger orgasms, start doing Kegels immediately.