Aphrodisiacs: Who-ahhh!: Chocolate

Let’s look at something less controversial—something Debby and I both love: chocolate. I eat some wonderful dark chocolate every day to make myself happier and healthier. Drizzling dark chocolate on your spouse’s naughty parts and licking it off is a fun way to use this aphrodisiac in your sex life. Maybe add a side of strawberries or blueberries. Have some healthy, messy fun with dark chocolate and fruit.

 Or try a love making meal of chocolate fondue with fruits, breads, and cheeses:

●      3 oz chopped dark chocolate bar

●      1/2 cup natural cocoa powder

●      1/2 cup heavy cream

●      1 tablespoon sugar

●      1 tablespoon butter

●      1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Mix and microwave for two minutes (or melt in a fondue pot). Then, find whatever you want to dip: strawberries, bananas, pretzels, pound cake, raspberries, pineapples, blueberries, angel food cake, etc. Consider sprinkling grated coconut on top (because everything is better with coconut). You could add some sliced almonds or anything else your crooked little heart desires.

Perhaps you want to have some hot cocoa to refresh you after one love making session to get you prepped for Round Two. Try this recipe for two servings:

●      1/3 cup natural cocoa powder

●      3 tablespoons of sugar

●      Pinch salt

●      2 1/2 cups whole milk

●      Whipped cream or marshmallows

Mix the dry ingredients and 1/4 cup of milk and whisk till smooth. Then add the rest of the milk and stir as you heat on the stove for a few minutes until hot (don’t let it boil).

Adding a splash of vanilla will heighten the chocolate flavor, or add mint or cinnamon. Various types of liquor can also be added. You could even add a bit of butter browned to a pan...just don’t do all these things at one time. Just like in sex, consider variety and timing.

I don’t know if chocolate should really be considered an aphrodisiac or if it is just wonderful. I don’t care. Chocolate makes life and sex better, so why not eat some?