Aphrodisiacs: Who-ahhh!: Cannabis

Did I just lose half my readers with this title? If you’re still here, let me help you “just say no” to fear thinking. Cannabis is legal in many states now and will likely soon be legal in many more. It is a life changing medicine for many folks.[3] For others, it simply provides a way to relax. As with any drug, though, it’s bad medicine for some.

As the trend toward legalization continues, you may find that recreational cannabis spices up your love making. Our son, Lex Pelger, works as a drug writer and researcher. After conducting hundreds of interviews, he found a pattern of cannabis driving sexual desire…especially in women.

One woman in her 50s noted a downside of menopause being loss of libido. She couldn’t get that “Off to the races” feeling anymore, but then she smoked a bit of hash for the first time in decades. She felt like she’d had a multi-orgasmic miracle. She says:

When I smoke, the worries of the day and the plans for the next day vanish, which allows me to be truly present for having sex. It only takes two tokes; I don’t need much. I try to do it at least once a week. For menopausal women, when you think you’re done, it’s a new lease on life.

Her 64-year-old husband added:

When menopause came, our love life slowly faded. It was sad. We were loving, just not very sexual. Then she discovered the effects of cannabis and hash on her libido. To be able to pleasure my wife again, so ecstatically like before, meant the world to me. It makes growing older so much better.

Cannabis isn’t just for us old-folks. Terence Mckenna, an advocate for the responsible use of naturally occurring psychedelic plants—called the Timothy Leary of the 1990s—spoke about the sexual stamina cannabis provides. As a young man, the thrill of sex was haunted for him by the fear of premature ejaculation. He said, “I discovered that smoking hashish gave me an incredible ability to control my ejaculation and also my sexual stamina...invaluable social skills.”[4]

If you decide cannabis is something you want to try, the ingestion options have greatly improved from just rolling and smoking a joint. Edibles are simple, but can take up to two hours to kick in. That makes date night planning a bit more complicated. Also, the dosage of edibles is difficult to calibrate. You probably don’t want to get uncomfortably stoned. If you use edibles, be cautious about dosage. You can always consume more but you can’t un-consume.

Vape pens provide a great method to get high for sex. The vape pen warms the cannabis enough to release the psychoactive agents but not enough to burn. You inhale vapor but not smoke. Within a couple minutes of taking a puff, you will know exactly how high you are. You can also easily take another puff during the belly bumping.

The most challenging aspect of using cannabis as an aphrodisiac or as medicine is the dose variation. Start small and see how things feel.

On the other hand, time suspension seems the best benefit of cannabis during sex. The normal experience of time changes. Love making becomes a fascinating dance where pleasure and time roll together.

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