Games that End With a Bang

Imagine you and your spouse are planning an evening in which you will end up making love but neither of you feels very creative or high energy about it. This is a good time to consider sex games. The randomness of the game moves you into a new love-making pattern. Remember, innovation is one of the secrets to a lifetime of great sex with your spouse.

Consider Strip Blackjack, with each hand dealt, the loser removes a piece of clothing. Add a twist by making sex cards (back massage, head massage, foot massage, masturbate, oral, choice) to be used if a blackjack is dealt or after the loser is naked. Blackjack is fun because of the element of skill and risk/reward. Do I take the next card or do I hold?

Or try “Rock, Paper, Scissors” or “Go Fish” or any other game you know. Be creative and adapt something. You could make sexy croquette or racquetball or cricket. (Ok, maybe not cricket. I don’t really know how you would adapt cricket into a sex game. If you figure it out, let me know.)

Another variation on the sex cards is to make two colors and have the winner pick one of each color.

1.     First color: action.

a.     Suck

b.     Lick

c.     Blow

d.     Massage

e.     Kiss

f.      Nibble

2.     Second color: location

a.     Face

b.     Privates

c.     Neck

d.     Feet

e.     Breasts

f.      Ears

At some point the game will end and you’ll just keep picking cards and laughing at the combinations. Then it turns to something else entirely. Let that happen.