What Will You Say?

If you have kids nearing their teenage years, how well informed do you want them to be about the following?

1.     The mechanics of sex and various types of sex

2.     Pressures to be or not be sexual

3.     Feelings, attitudes, and values about sex

4.     Homo-erotic feelings, a lack of sexual feelings, etc.

5.     Rape and abuse in all its ugly forms

6.     Alcohol, drugs, and sex

7.     Sexually transmitted diseases and levels of protection

8.     Pregnancy prevention and levels of risk

9.     Locations for sexual activity and the risks involved with particular locations

10.  What consent means and how is it given throughout the process of sex

Think about all the teenagers who commit suicide, are raped, or become pregnant. Knowledge about sex will help your teen better navigate these risky years. This can’t just be a one-time, “birds and bees” talk. It needs to involve years of increasingly detailed and specific discussions between parent and child.

Think about how you convey your love of God to your children. You don’t tell them one time and then check it off your list. Hopefully your entire life models your love of God and you fill in the words as needed. God ordained sex as a beautiful way to procreate and to grow in love and enjoy each other. We need to teach that to our kids.