Neddy's Favorite Things

Favorite LubePassion Lube

Favorite Massage: Scalp and face massage – since the brain is the most important sex organ, getting the blood flowing and causing relaxation in the scalp and face area works wonderful good.

Favorite Cunnilingus move: Alphabet letter shapes on the clitoris

Favorite Fellatio move: Frenulum kissing

Favorite Aphrodisiac: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control… and chocolate.

Favorite Missionary sex variation:
Riding High: One of the best secrets for wonderful missionary style sex is “Riding High.” In most of the positions described above, the man can simply move up slightly from what feels natural and grind his pubic bone around the clitoris. This slight variation can substantially increase the woman’s pleasure during intercourse.

Favorite Cowgirl sex variation:
Laying Cowgirl: She lays on top, with her legs either outside or inside his. He can hold his penis from this position and provide a direct clitoral penis rub while she controls the tempo.

Favorite Doggy sex variation:
Corkscrew Doggy: She kneels facing a couch and puts one leg up on the couch; he has one knee on the ground and the other under her knee on the couch. This position provides really deep penis penetration.

Favorite Spooning sex variation:
“T” Spoon: Start from the basic spooning position. The man will then slide down and adjust to be more perpendicular to her. The angle and depth of penis penetration changes and the opportunities for clitoral stimulation are still good, but the skin to skin contact decreases in this variation.

Favorite Romantic action:
Be more courteous to your spouse than to any other human.

Favorite Vibrating Sex Toys:
Vibrating Penis Ring
Lipstick Vibe
Waterproof Clitoral Hummer

Favorite Foreplay Movies:
Black and White: Bringing Up Baby
Foreign: The Well Digger’s Daughter
Recent: To Rome with Love